01 March 2018

Makeup Review: Almay Shadow Squad

Note: I purchased the item in this review myself. I was not contacted by the manufacturer in any way.

Eyeshadow quads abound at the drugstore, and they typically follow a set formula: a dark shade for liner, a medium shade for the lid, a slightly deeper shade for the crease, and a light shade for the browbone. Each color will be in a separately divided pan, and often the pans are different sizes to account for how much of each color the manufacturer thinks you'll use. In principle, having it all laid out like this should make things simpler for the consumer, but in reality I've found that isn't always the case--I always wind up with one or two shades that I hardly ever use, and go through the ones I like too quickly.

But Almay's new Shadow Squad line takes a very different approach to an eyeshadow quad. Each pan contains just one color of shadow in four different finishes: matte, satin, metallic, and glitter. You get an equal amount of each, and they're not divided into separate pans but run right into each other in just the one.

The color I tried is called "Here Goes Nothing," a light champagne pink that goes on very subtly on my pale skin. Since I prefer light colors and natural looks, I really like the fact that this quad doesn't contain any of the dark shades that I never wind up wearing. The variety of finishes gives dimension even if you don't use any additional colors--I used the matte color on my lid with the satin blending from the crease to the browbone for a light and fresh daytime look, while I think the metallic and glitter finishes would make a pretty, shimmery look for nighttime.

The line comes in a lot of neutrals ranging from pale to dark, so I think most people could find a color that matches their skin tone for an easy, everyday monochromatic look that would go with anything. There are also a few more colorful shades that could be combined with the neutrals for pops of color or used on their own for a bold statement. It's a streamlined product that still manages to be multipurpose, and that really does make things simpler for me as the user!

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