18 January 2018

Winter Makeup Suggestions for Pale Skin

This summer, I shared some of my favorite summertime makeup products for pale skin, since it can be tricky to create a summery look for complexions that aren't bronzed and tanned. But winter makeup for pale skin can be challenging in a different way, as the deep berry, wine, and jewel tones that are popular this time of year can be a bit too much of a contrast on snow-white skin. This year I've been experimenting with some new winter makeup looks, and I've hit upon a few products that brighten up my complexion without overpowering it:


I don't wear highlighter in the summer since I like minimal layers of makeup when the weather's hot, but I like a little sparkle and shine in the wintertime, especially during holidays or evenings out. I actually don't use a dedicated highlighter but an eyeshadow--a Prismatic Shadow in "Girl Talk" by NYX. The champagne-pink color works really well with pale skin tones, adding a bit of warmth as well as shimmer.


This fall I reviewed Maybelline's Blushed Nudes eyeshadow palette, and it's become my go-to product for eye makeup this winter. The neutral shades with pink undertones are the perfect complement to berry-pink lips, and they aren't too dark or dramatic for daytime wear. As in the summer, I like to use a bolder-hued shadow as a bottom lash liner to add color without it becoming too intense, and the deep berry-brown shades in this palette are just right for this.


I've often shied away from trying bright lip colors because they can be a bit too bright on me, but this winter I took the plunge and tried some berry and red shades from my favorite brand, Burt's Bees. Their tinted lip balm in Rose is a perfect, universally-flattering sheer red that is very natural and easy to wear. For a step up in color, their gloss crayon in Tahitian Sunset is a bright berry pink, and their matte crayon in Redwood Forest is a warm red. I like to blot both crayons with a tissue to get a softer, slightly more natural look.

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