12 August 2017

TV Shows I Love Tag

I recently watched Kayley Hyde's "TV Shows I Love" tag video and thought it would be fun to answer the questions myself here. I don't watch a ton of television shows, but I get quite involved in and passionate about the ones I do watch, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites, least favorites, and general opinions--if you have similar taste to me, perhaps you'll even find a new favorite show among those I've discussed!

1. Favorite shows?

My top four in order of first airdate are Rumpole of the Bailey, Monarch of the Glen, Gilmore Girls (through season 7), and Community.

2. Favorite genre?

I really like dramedies, particularly the kind that have a tone that's just slightly zanier than reality, and wish there were more of them airing today.

3. Least favorite show?

I hate anything with excessive violence and dehumanizing roles for women--so basically think of some of the most popular and critically-acclaimed shows of the last five years and slot them in here.

4. Most rewatched show/favorite show to binge watch?

The top four favorites I mentioned in #1 are probably the shows I've rewatched the most--I think I've seen the entirety of Rumpole of the Bailey, Monarch of the Glen seasons 1-3, and Gilmore Girls seasons 1-7 three times, and I've watched the first three seasons of of Monarch of the Glen even more than that.

For binge-watching in general, I like old sitcoms like Cheers, Frasier, and Friends because they have hundreds of episodes, so once I've started watching they last a long time.

5. Do you prefer watching things week-by-week or binge-watching?

I like both for different reasons: I enjoy having a week-by-week show to look forward to and often wait to put on new episodes as a treat when I need a break, but I also like having a long-running show to play in the background when I'm crafting for my Etsy shop or cleaning my room.

6. Favorite television characters?

Pretty much every character from Rumpole of the Bailey is great. Every episode was written by the series creator John Mortimer, who also wrote short story adaptations of each episode plus additional stories and novels featuring the characters, so they're all highly developed, distinct, and consistent--not to mention hilariously Wodehousian at times.

7. Favorite television ships?

Rory/Logan and Lorelai/Christopher from Gilmore Girls, Jeff/Annie from Community, and Jane/Rafael from Jane the Virgin.

8. Show you could never get into?

I don't try watching a show unless I really think I'll like it, and I usually don't bother sticking with it if I don't enjoy the first episode. Recently I gave both Felicity and Younger a try on Hulu for multiple episodes since they sounded like shows I might enjoy, but the former didn't really click for me and the latter was off-putting with unlikeable characters who just seemed to get worse the more I watched.

9. Show you fell out of love with?

I think the Gilmore Girls revival marks the biggest drop in love I had for a show that I can remember, as I wrote about when it premiered. I still count the original run among my favorite shows, but I've taken a "let's pretend this never happened" attitude towards the revival.

10. Canceled too soon?

Well, Community still has yet to fulfill the season 2 prophecy of six seasons and a movie, so . . .

11. Guilty pleasure show? 

Right now I'd say it's The Bold Type, Freeform's new show about three twenty-something young women working at a Cosmopolitan-esque magazine. It's a little too promotional for Cosmopolitan at times (the magazine and the show have production ties) and occasionally a little racy, which is why I call it a "guilty pleasure," but it's fun and has heartwarming moments each episode. It's also one of three shows I've watched since the pilot premiere, the others being Ugly Betty and Jane the Virgin--I guess there's something about magazines and aspiring writers that just pulls me in!

12. What are you currently watching?

I've sort of been in limbo since my currently-airing shows went on summer break and I finished my most recent binge-watch pick of Friends. As I mentioned in #11 I have started watching The Bold Type and am enjoying that so far, and when regular season shows return in the fall/winter I'll be watching Jane the Virgin and the final season of New Girl.

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