21 June 2017

Summer Makeup Suggestions for Pale Skin

As I've mentioned in previous beauty posts, I have very fair skin that always burns and never tans in the sun. This means that bronze-y makeup popular for summer doesn't flatter me, so I use peach, coral, and copper hues to achieve a warm glow that looks natural on my peaches-and-cream skin tone. For those who are also pale and looking for some summertime makeup suggestions, here are some of my favorite products and how I like to use them in my summer makeup routine:


Bronzer only looks natural on deeper or tanned skin, so I never use it. Instead, I use peach-toned blush to add warmth to my complexion in the summer. My particular favorite is the Shell Beach All-Over Glow from Coastal Classic Creations, a mineral powder which can be used as a light blush or an alternative to bronzer for fair skin. I use it as an everyday blush, a subtle eyeshadow, and occasionally dust it across the bridge of my nose for a slightly sunkissed effect.


I've used a variety of peach, coral, and copper shadows in the summer, but this year my favorites are NYX's Prismatic Shadows in Golden Peach and Liquid Gold. I would say that the first is more of a coral shade than true peach, and the second is really more copper than gold, but both have a nice sheen that's not full of chunky glitter. My eyes are fairly hooded, so I like to apply these shades in the crease and blend them a little onto the brow bone to add a sort of warm halo glow around my eyes.

For eyeliner, bold makeup can look a little intense on fair skin, but I find using a bright color on the lower lash line adds a pop of fun to a summer look without being overpowering. My favorite summer shade is aqua blue, which complements peach tones since they're opposites on the color wheel--I typically use Almay's Shadow Softies in Seafoam, as it has an almost creamy formula that applies nicely with a liner brush and stays in place.


All of my favorite lip colors are from Burt's Bees, since they're easy to find in drugstores and come in a variety of formulas and hues. For a natural, everyday look I use the tinted balm in Zinnia, which is a true coral that applies semi-sheer. For an opaque shade with a soft sheen, I like the new gloss crayon in Santorini Sunrise, a natural peach. For a bold, opaque look I like the matte crayon in Niagara Overlook, a bright coral pink.

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