06 April 2017

Makeup Review: OCC Skin: Conceal

A couple of years ago I reviewed a few makeup products with natural ingredients from Sephora. Out of these products, I wound up really liking the OCC Tint tinted moisturizer, but over time I really disliked the Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer. The OCC Tint in R0 is a great match for my very fair skin, but the lightest shade of the Tarte concealer was a bit too dark and orange in tone. It also has a very sticky texture that stays shiny unless you top it with powder, but my mineral powder turned orange on contact with the product. This year I finally decided to try a new concealer, and since I like the OCC Tint so much, it seemed natural to try OCC Skin: Conceal in R0.

OCC Skin: Conceal comes packaged in a clear plastic compact, and the product itself is solid like the kind of lip balm that comes in tins and pots. As soon as you rub the surface with your finger, the product melts into a creamy consistency that's neither oily nor waxy. 

While I was initially concerned that the concealer looked darker and more yellow than the tinted moisturizer despite being the same shade, I found that the product lightened up after swiping it and applied even lighter to the face. Once applied, it looks the same color as the tinted moisturizer, but more opaque.

I use concealer to cover a few blemishes here and there, and I found that the OCC Skin: Conceal worked perfectly for this purpose. It stays put when applied to spots, completely covers any redness, and blends nicely into the matching tinted moisturizer. The concealer has a natural-looking matte finish, so it doesn't need to be topped with powder.

I also tried applying the concealer on slightly larger areas where I tend to get redness, such as between my eyebrows and around my nose. While the concealer did a great job at covering the redness, it did tend to make patches of rougher skin texture more noticeable. Applying the product with a damp makeup sponge to make it a little thinner might help with this, but I didn't have any on hand to try this out. I also didn't try to apply the product with a brush because I prefer not to use brushes with cream products, so I can't speak to how well that would work.

Overall I like OCC Skin: Conceal much better than my old Tarte concealer, and think it's a great product for those like me who like a natural, minimal-makeup look but want to cover minor skin imperfections. Worn with the matching tinted moisturizer or even an otherwise bare face, you can hide a spot or two while still looking natural--and using fairly natural ingredients to boot.

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