09 January 2017

Cozy Indoor Fashion Accessories for Winter Warmth

In the Room, Winter by Boris Kustodiev, 1915

Growing up in coastal New Jersey, our winters were fairly consistent with highs in the low- to mid-40's and lows in the low- to mid-30's. But over the past few years, my region (like much of the northern U. S.) has been suffering through periodic bitter cold snaps in the first months of the year. Even though I'm lucky enough to study and work from home and don't have to go outside when the temperatures plummet, I've still had to add extra layers to my winter wardrobe to keep warm indoors--particularly when I'm sitting at the computer or craft table for long periods of time. Since it's taken me awhile to find comfortable and reasonably fashionable solutions for indoor winter layering, I thought I'd share my favorite finds here.

1. Slips

My usual winter look is a pair of leggings, a just-above-the-knee length dress, and a long, thick cardigan. In past years I've tried adding camisoles under my dresses for extra warmth, but I find they can ride up and be difficult to adjust. This year, I've started wearing old-fashioned slips under my dresses and find that they're the perfect extra layer--I particularly like these Vanity Fair ones, which are pretty and come in hard-to-find short lengths. (A note in case, like me, you find slip sizing confusing: the first number corresponds to your usual bra band size, and the second number is the length from your natural waist.)

2. Layering cardigans

Bulky cardigans look like they should be warm enough on their own, but often they're not. The thick yarn and textured stitches commonly used in these styles result in little gaps in the knit that you won't find in finer-gauge sweaters, so I've taken to adding a fine-gauge cardigan underneath. I got an open-front cardigan that's almost as thin as a tee shirt from Old Navy in the fall, and now I wish I had gotten a couple more since it makes the perfect "liner" for under heavier cardigans--they fill in the chinks, so to speak, without bulking me up to the point where I feel like Randy from A Christmas Story. I plan to grab more lightweight open cardigans in the spring, when they'll likely come out again, to put away for next winter.

3. Slipper boots

I always wear slippers in the house, and my go-to style is the classic black satin ballerina slipper from Isotoner. They look like ballet flats and I can machine wash and tumble dry them with no problem, but they are thin. My mother suggested slipper boots to me as a warmer alternative, and they've been a lifesaver for keeping my feet from freezing this winter. I have these navy and plaid cable booties from Isotoner and these fluffy ivory mid-calf boots from Muk Luks, but you can find similar styles just about anywhere.

4. Blanket scarves

Or, essentially, shawls. I've seen these dramatically-oversized scarves at several retailers this season, and I picked up a couple from Old Navy in the fall. You can toss them around your shoulders to squeeze one extra layer over your sweater while sitting at the computer, and drape them over the neck like a scarf to add warmth to your core when moving around. Old Navy doesn't seem to carry this style any more, but here are a couple of similar styles from J. Crew Factory: 1 / 2.

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