17 October 2016

Face Naturals Haul and Review

I'm always on the lookout for natural beauty and personal care brands that are really natural--made entirely of ingredients that you can recognize from nature. A family member passed along information about Face Naturals a while ago and since I recently needed to restock some toiletries, I decided to give them a try. They have a great selection of trial sizes, so I picked out a couple of samples and a couple of full-size items. I also received a couple of bonus free gifts--I don't know if this was because I was a first-time customer or if it's a regular thing, but it was a very nice surprise!

The product I was most interested in trying was the Citrus Squeeze Shampoo. My hair is on the oily side and it's tricky to find deep-cleansing shampoos without tea tree oil, which I avoid due to its hormonal properties. Anything citrus is usually a good bet for me, and this has lemon, sweet orange, lime, and pink grapefruit. It's fully organic, smells terrific, and does a good job at cleansing my hair and bringing out natural highlights.

For my body, I picked the Oatmeal Honey Silk Artisan Bar Soap. Oatmeal and honey are both soothing for the skin and draw out impurities, and ground oatmeal is gently exfoliating, so it's a great combination. This soap is also fully organic and has no added fragrance, with just the barest hint of a fresh, clean scent. It came wrapped in pretty patterned paper with a handwritten label, and one edge of the soap was covered in big pieces of rolled oats. This is hands-down the most moisturizing soap I've ever used, which will be good going into the colder months when my skin tends to dry out more easily.

One of the free gifts I received with my purchase was a sample size of Pomegranate Body Lotion. I haven't tried this yet but it has a nice fruity fragrance and is almost completely organic. I'll probably give it a try soon, what with dry skin season setting in--as a matter of fact, I just noticed today that my elbows are in desperate need of hydration!

I've been considering trying a face mask for a while, so when I saw this in the trial size section I took the plunge. Face Naturals have several face masks and several specifically with clay, but the balancing aspect of this one seemed like a good pick for my combination skin. The mask comes in powder form with instructions for how to mix it with water, and while I haven't tried it yet I'm looking forward to it.

Organic Lip Balm in Creme Brulee and Mint Chocolate

I wear lip balm every night, and always pick organic varieties. I have a couple of brands that I like, but since I just reached the end of my last balm I thought I'd try a new one from Face Naturals. What excited me most was the selection of fall and winter fragrances--Cinnamon Apple, Creme Brulee, Mint Chocolate, and Peppermint. I picked Creme Brulee and was excited to receive Mint Chocolate as an additional free gift, since that would have been my second choice! Both are super-moisturizing and glide on smoothly, and are especially nice fragrances for the holidays. I will say that Creme Brulee has a fairly strong honey scent from the organic beeswax, while the Mint Chocolate fragrance masks this. If you're an oddball like me and don't care for the scent of fresh honey, stick to the stronger fragrances!

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