08 September 2016

Beauty Review: NYX Nude Matte and Prismatic Shadows

I haven't shopped for makeup at the drugstore in a long while, so I was surprised to find a big  NYX display at my local CVS this summer. I've seen NYX products in a lot of YouTube beauty videos but until this year I've never seen the brand in-store at the places I usually shop. Since CVS was having a sale and I was looking for a new shade of eyeshadow, I decided to give NYX's Nude Matte and Prismatic shadows a try.

I wanted a soft pink shade to wear for daytime, and Leather and Lace in the Nude Matte line looked just right. NYX's website describes it as a "soft peachy pink" color, and that's pretty accurate--it reminds me of the color of pink leather ballet slippers. The formula is very soft and fine in texture, and applied quite lightly with a brush. I was a little disappointed to find that it was almost too nude for what I was looking for--the color barely registers against my porcelain skin, but does have a bit of a brightening, highlighting effect.

Since the products were buy one, get one free, I also picked up Girl Talk from the Prismatic line. True to the line's name, this shadow looked very reflective and shimmery, but I thought it'd be nice for dressier looks. When applied, though, the shimmer effect is much more subtle than it looks in the pan. Like the Nude Matte formula, the Prismatic formula is finely milled, and has no big, obvious specks of glitter like a lot of shimmery drugstore eyeshadows. The color, described by NYX as "opalescent pink," coordinates with Leather and Lace very nicely.

Overall I think both the Nude Matte and Prismatic shadows are quite nice, if less intense than they look in the pan. I'll definitely use the former for "no makeup" looks, and pair it with the latter to dress it up a bit. However, I'll still be looking for my ideal pink shade--either from NYX or elsewhere!

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