13 June 2016

Project: Quick Summer Accessory Embellishment with Lace Flower Trim

As I'm fair-skinned, I've been searching for a nice wide straw hat for summer for a while now. Most hats I've tried are too big for me, so this year I turned to girls' hats and finally found a perfect fit from Crewcuts, J. Crew's children's line. The basic hat is nice but rather plain, so I decided to embellish it to give it a little more style. I contemplated using ribbon, but when I spotted this lacy flower trim from Jo-Ann Fabrics I knew it was just what I wanted. The trim adds a pretty, feminine touch while the white color goes with everything in my summer wardrobe.

Trimming the hat was super simple. First, I wrapped the trim around the hat to figure out how much to cut. When I had the right length, I used a low-heat hot glue gun to put some dots of glue on the back of one of the end flowers, then pressed it to the back of the hat. I did the same on one of the flowers a third of the way around the hat, and again another third of the way around. Then I glued down the final flower on my length of trim, overlapping the first slightly in the back.

I had quite a lot of trim left over, so I experimented with embellishing some cheap flip-flops I bought at Old Navy with single flowers cut from the trim. At first I tried using hot glue to stick the flowers on, but the flowers popped off as soon as the glue had completely cooled. A needle and thread worked much better--I put a stitch in one of the flower petals to anchor the thread, then looped the thread under one of the plastic straps on the flip flop and came up with the needle through the flower on the other side of the strap. I made small stitches around to the thong of the flip-flop, looped the thread under and around it, and came up on the other side through the flower. Then I made a few more small stitches to get to the other strap, repeated the process, and secured everything with a double knot on the back of the flower. I love the combination of the white flowers and the bright color of the flip-flops, and I think the embellishment dresses them up a bit!

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