26 May 2016

Beauty Review: SOPHi Nail Polish by Piggy Paint

Note: I researched and purchased the product described in this review on my own. I was not contacted or compensated by the manufacturer in any way.

A couple of years ago I reviewed Honeybee Gardens' WaterColors Nail Enamel, a water-based nail polish that's practically odor-free and much healthier than traditional nail polish. It took me a few years to find a color I really loved in the line, but last summer I found a winner in Nude Beach, a pinky-nude French manicure shade. Unfortunately, Honeybee Gardens seems to have discontinued that shade, so for this summer I decided to try a different water-based nail polish brand.

I looked at Piggy Paint when I first researched water-based nail polishes and liked the look of their formula, but as Piggy Paint is designed primarily for kids I opted to try Honeybee Gardens first. When I checked out Piggy Paint again this year, I noticed that they have a line called SOPHi that has the same water-based formula as Piggy Paint but in more sophisticated colors. Because there were so many pretty shades to pick from (and to take advantage of the free shipping over $20 deal!), I ordered three colors from the SOPHi line: Skinny Dip + Chips, Morning Kisses, and Pretty Shore About You.

SOPHi's formula is billed as non-toxic, odorless, durable, and hypoallergenic. From my experience so far, it lives up to those claims--SOPHi has none of the harsh chemical fumes of a traditional nail polish, and has only a very slight smell like acrylic craft paint when working closely with it. When the polish is drying on the nails, there's no odor at all. I found the polish easy to apply and particularly liked the applicator brush, which covered my nails quickly and cleanly.

Like all water-based nail polish, SOPHi becomes stronger the longer it's cured, so I painted my nails before bed to let the polish cure overnight. I haven't attempted to remove the polish yet so I can't speak to the ease of taking it off, but in general water-based formulas can be a little trickier remove than traditional nail polishes. This makes them more durable, but it's also something to keep in mind if you like to change up your color frequently. Also, SOPHi recommends using their Prime + Shine + Seal system to apply a primer coat, then the polish, then a topcoat, and then a sealing coat for maximum durability, but I decided to risk less durability in favor of less fussing with application.

As for the colors I picked, they're all gorgeous. Skinny Dip + Chips is a neutral nude shade, more tan in undertone than Honeybee Gardens Nude Beach. Morning Kisses is a classic light pink, and Pretty Shore About You is a light aqua blue. This last shade is a little more adventurous than I'd normally go for, but since I live at the shore and wear a lot of aqua in the summer I thought I'd be bold!

Skinny Dip + Chips

Morning Kisses

Pretty Shore About You
I highly recommend SOPHi to anyone looking for a healthier, more pleasant-to-use nail polish. With dozens of colors to choose from in both the SOPHi line and the kid-friendly Piggy Paint line, there's bound to be a shade that's just your style!

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