08 February 2016

Knitting Book Review: Once Upon a Knit

One of my all-time favorite knitting books is Vampire Knits by Genevieve Miller. I'm not a vampire super-fan, but I think the patterns in this collection are just gorgeous, with a vintage aesthetic that reads more romantic than Gothic. When I saw that Miller had released a new knitting book inspired by fairy tales, I immediately added it to my crafting wish list and was happy to receive a copy as a gift from my mother this Christmas.

Those who enjoyed Miller's first book will not be disappointed by Once Upon a Knit. Like Vampire Knits, the patterns in Once Upon a Knit are divided into thematic sections according to each project's inspiration--the three sections here are titled "Into the Woods," "Princes and Princesses," and "Something Wicked." The accompanying photographs are beautiful and evocative, with atmospheric woodland backgrounds and fresh-feeling styling for each piece. The book design on the whole is thoughtful and appealing, and fairy tale facts and trivia quizzes are sprinkled throughout as a fun bonus.

Once Upon a Knit offers patterns for garments and accessories for adults, teens, and children, with a couple of patterns for toys and blankets as well. The skill level required to make each piece is clearly marked at the beginning of each pattern, and while the vast majority of the projects in the book are for intermediate knitters there are a handful of easy pieces and one or two advanced items. Like the patterns in Vampire Knits, those in Once Upon a Knit are surprisingly wearable, and nicely complement vintage-inspired and feminine styles. All in all, Once Upon a Knit is a great collection for those who liked Vampire Knits, for crafty fairy tale fans, and for knitters looking for unique and pretty projects.