15 January 2016

Refreshing Resolutions

We're now halfway through January, and by this point those who are in the habit of making New Year's resolutions have already made them--and possibly already broken them. I find that New Year's resolutions can be difficult to maintain when they're too daunting a change to make all at once or when they focus on cutting things out of one's lifestyle instead of adding good things in. This year, I picked a few small, simple goals to refresh my day-to-day life and boost my mood that I thought might inspire others as well. Even two weeks into the New Year, it's not too late to refresh your resolutions and your life!

(If you'd like more ideas to refresh your January, you can also take a look at my "January Restart" post from last year.)

Top left to bottom right: Hello Darling Notebook by Laughing Elephant; Georgian Lady Notebook (from set of 3) by The British Library (no longer available); Brown kraft floral mini notebook (from set of 2) from Staples, London Mini Notebook (from set of 3) by Cavallini, Brown kraft "Bright Ideas" mini notebook (from set of 2) from Staples
1. Use notebooks more often.

I have an array of beautiful notebooks that I've never written in, and this year I'd like to put them to good use. While it can sometimes seem easier and less permanent to jot down notes and ideas in virtual notepad files on my computer, I believe there's value in physically writing things down and hope that using notebooks will help me to be more organized and more creative when I'm away from my laptop.

2. Read books and magazines at breakfast.

Over the years I've gotten into the habit of browsing the web and catching up with blogs and YouTube videos during breakfast. Oftentimes, this leads me to spend more time than I'd like lingering at the computer before starting my day. This year I'll opt to replace blogs and vlogs with non-fiction books and magazines, which don't seem to encourage my procrastination the way the internet does!

3. Work more in the garden.

I've planted and tended summer annuals in my garden for years, but I only just made my first forays into perennial planting last year by starting a dwarf lavender bed and planting tulip bulbs this fall. Adding perennials to the garden and expanding my growing and planting season gave me a reason to get out into the fresh air more, and this year I'd like to grow more perennials and expand my spring and fall plantings.

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