09 November 2015

Autumnal Hues

For the past few years in early November, I've tried to take some pictures of the fall foliage in my neighborhood when it's at its peak. This year I was concerned that there might not be very much color, since many of the trees had already turned dull and brownish in October. But while the weather this season perhaps wasn't optimal for fall color, I was pleasantly surprised to find a few trees in bright hues during a walk this weekend. The golden light of the late afternoon made the sky and the foliage look especially vibrant, and it was nice to see some sunshine so late in the season!

I love the contrast between the bright blue sky and the mix of orange, yellow, and green leaves in this photo:

This close-up is a good example of what most of the leaves in my neighborhood looked like this year--they didn't turn color quite perfectly, but there's something striking about their speckled appearance even with their brownish imperfections:

My favorite trees are those that turn red in the autumn, and luckily there were a few with gorgeous, unmarred color:

I especially loved this shot of the red leaves and the tree branches against the sky--the amount of detail visible in the photo quite amazed me!:

The weather where I live has been unseasonably mild lately, and I'm glad to have documented this last taste of autumn before the chill of winter sets in.

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