30 September 2015

Organizing Idea: Stationery Rack

At the beginning of the month I decided to majorly rearrange the furniture in my room. I'd had my previous arrangement for quite some time and was ready for a fresh start, and I wanted to better optimize the space available to me. After careful deliberation, I decided to pass on my made-over IKEA desk to a family member, since I found myself opting to sit on the bed rather than at the desk most of the time. I wanted to use the space where the desk was for stationery and art supplies, and browsed online until I found the perfect piece of storage furniture:

This is actually the Madison Bookrack from Pottery Barn Kids, and it's meant for storing picture books. I thought it would be a nice, compact piece for storing my collection of journals, notecards, stickers, and art supplies, since everything would be easy to grab but contained in a very slim space. It worked beautifully for my purpose, and I love being able to see all my pretty stationery on display instead of stashed away in closed storage!

The bookrack is only about five inches deep, but it holds quite a lot. On the top shelf I was able to fit my entire collection of pens and pencils in re-purposed jam jars, handy supplies like scissors and a ruler, sticky notes and notepad sets, and my planner. The second shelf holds notebooks, a scrapbook, an address book, and a boxed notecard set, most of which have an English Regency theme. I fit art supplies including a paintbrush roll, a watercolor pad, colored inks, and glitter markers on one half of the bottom shelf and filled the other half out with some vintage-themed notebooks, postcards, and stickers.

I'm still working on decorating the corner of my room where my new stationery rack sits, and I'm not sure if I'll be leaving the chair or not. I plan to hang my wall calendar and magnet board on adjacent walls, and will perhaps move my pink paper lantern lights to this area as well. Readers familiar with pictures from my room may notice that the usual ivory striped wallpaper has been covered with light blue paint--I've been wanting to repaint for awhile, but so far I've only done just this wall! Hopefully I'll work my way around the room and can share room makeover pictures soon.

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