17 September 2015

Beauty Review: 100% Pure Makeup

Note: I researched and purchased the products described in this post on my own. I was not contacted or compensated by the manufacturer in any way. 

This summer I shared a mini haul post of shower and beauty products from 100 Percent Pure, a natural beauty brand. I was really impressed with the products I purchased, so I decided to try some of 100 Percent Pure's fruit-tinted makeup products as well even though I'm still well stocked from my natural makeup Sephora haul from earlier this year. The ingredients in 100 Percent Pure's products are just so much more natural than any of the other brands I've looked at, so I gave into temptation and got a couple of new things!

I've been using OCC's tinted moisturizer in R0 as a sheer foundation, and while the color is a great match for my skin tone the coverage is very light. I've had my eye on 100 Percent Pure's line of foundations for a while and ultimately chose their tinted moisturizer in Alpine Rose, since according to their handy chart it actually provides more coverage than their Sheer Water Foundation. The formula has a perfect liquid foundation texture and leaves a nice, dewy finish, but unfortunately the lightest shade is too dark for my skin tone. Alpine Rose is supposed to be for porcelain skin with rose undertones, which sounds like a perfect match for me but in reality it was a shade or two darker than my skin. While I am pretty pale, I'm not paler than porcelain, so I wish 100 Percent Pure and other cosmetics companies would either make their porcelain shades lighter or label them more accurately!

Another drawback to this product is the packaging: it's impressive but somewhat unwieldy, and difficult to fit into a handbag or cosmetics case. Granted, you get 1.7 oz. of product per container rather than the standard 1 oz. size of most foundations, but there appears to be some padding in the bottle that could be eliminated to achieve a more convenient size.

This was actually a bonus product for me, since my mother bought it for herself but didn't care for the color on. The shade is nude, true to its name, with gold shimmer and pink and plummy undertones that work well with my cool skin tone and hazel eyes but wasn't as good a match for my mother, who prefers eyeshadows without purplish hues. The finish is fairly sheer upon first applying, but the product has buildable coverage that you can customize to your own liking. It's a pretty close match in color and shimmer to my current go-to eyeshadow, Almay's Shadow Softies in Crème Brulée (see review here), but since 100 Percent Pure's products are all-natural and cruelty-free I think I'll be using this shadow instead!

I'd really like to try some more of 100 Percent Pure's eyeshadows in the future, as well as their lip and cheek colors. If I do go wild and try some more makeup this year, I'll be sure to share my thoughts here on That Sort of Blog!

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