01 August 2015

100% Pure Summer Skin and Hair Mini Haul

Note: I researched and purchased the products described in this post on my own. I was not contacted or compensated by the manufacturer in any way. 

I opt for natural beauty products as much as possible, and I've noticed that even when choosing from lines billed as "all-natural" there's a lot of variation in the types of ingredients used. The use of the term "natural" isn't regulated in beauty products, and while most natural brands avoid synthetic ingredients they often use ingredients that are naturally-sourced by heavily processed. I prefer minimally-processed products with ingredients that are instantly recognizable as botanical, so I was thrilled to discover 100% Pure, whose products are just what the brand name states.

I bought a few items from 100% Pure to boost my summer skin and hair care routines, all in fruity summer fragrances--here are my thoughts:

Since I don't blow dry my hair or use any hot styling tools, my hair requires very little conditioning--in fact, I don't use conditioner at all, and prefer shampoos that are extra cleansing. I especially love shampoos with citrus ingredients, which is why I gave 100% Pure's Yuzu and Pomelo Glossing Shampoo a try. It cleanses well and does indeed impart a nice silky finish without weighing down my hair. I think this would be a great everyday shampoo for many hair types, especially in the summertime.

This was actually the first 100% Pure product to catch my eye, since the pink paper wrapping is so pretty. The formula is creamy and lathers well, and doesn't strip the skin of moisture. At first I found the scent a little bit too candy-sweet, but with continued use I've grown to like it, as I picked up on the vanilla undertones in the fragrance.

As I mentioned in my Invisalign posts (here and here), I've been using a lot more lip balm to keep my lips moist during my teeth straightening treatments. I had been using the EOS Strawberry Sorbet Lip Sphere, but while I liked the USDA certified organic formula I found the round packaging inconvenient. 100% Pure's Cherry Lip Balm is also USDA certified organic, and I absolutely love the scent and the formula. It glides on beautifully and does a superb job at nourishing and hydrating my lips, and the traditional tube packaging makes it easy to apply.

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