24 March 2015

Burt's Bees Pink Product Mini Haul

Note: I researched and purchased the products described in this post on my own. I was not contacted or compensated by the manufacturer in any way.

With spring ostensibly here and warm weather hopefully on the horizon, I wanted to shake up my beauty routines and try some fresh new products and makeup colors. Burt's Bees has long been one of my favorite beauty brands since their products are natural, affordable, and available at regular drugstores and supermarkets, so during a couple of recent shopping expeditions I picked up a few new things to try. As it happens everything I got was pink in color, so I thought they would make a fun and pretty little mini haul post!

Burt's Bees sensitive facial cleansing towelettes are my go-to skin cleanser--towelettes are just so convenient, remove make-up easily, and use less water than washing with liquid cleanser or soap. The sensitive formula generally works well for me, but I was interested in trying the pink grapefruit formula for something a little more invigorating and extra cleansing for use after exercise or on hot days. The scent is slightly astringent but zesty and pleasant overall, and the formula cleanses more deeply than the sensitive version without over-drying. I'll definitely want to keep these in stock for the spring and summer!

Burt's Bees is also my go-to brand for lip color, and their tinted lip balm in "Honeysuckle" is my standard lip product. I wanted to try something a bit brighter and pinker than the pale, peachy-neutral "Honeysuckle" for the seasons ahead, and "Hibiscus" looked about right from the color of the outer cardboard packaging. It's actually a shade darker than I was expecting and reads somewhat like berry or red on me, which is nice but not quite what I was looking for--I think that "Zinnia" or "Petunia" might be closer to what I had in mind. Still, I love the formula, and this shade will still work with many of my spring and summer looks.

I was so excited when I saw that Burt's Bees came out with a lip crayon, rounding out their lip color collection with a 100% natural lipstick-like option. I actually picked up this product in "Sedona Sands"--which looks like a light, cool pink according to the packaging--to go with a specific outfit for a specific occasion, so it's not a color that I would normally use on a regular basis. The hue is much more nude when applied, and on me looks rather like that "90's nude" trend that everyone online seems to be loving lately. The formula is wonderfully creamy and the color intensity is just right, so I'd love to try this in "Niagara Outlook" for a pinker look or in "Napa Vineyard" for a classic, retro red.

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