04 February 2015

Doctor Who Tag

Close-up of the Fourth Doctor-style scarf I knitted for my sister

It's been a while since I've seen a full series of Doctor Who--the last one I watched was series five--but I still have a soft spot for the show and its mythology. I've recently been considering trying series seven after a few unsuccessful attempts to watch series six, which seems too dark and too full of relationship drama for my taste. So, to help rekindle my fondness for the show, I thought I'd answer the questions from Luke Spillane's Doctor Who tag, which I found via Charlie McDonnell's video!

Who is your favorite Doctor?

Like many Doctor Who fans, my favorite Doctor is my first--Ten, played by David Tennant. I like the level of emotion he brought to the role, even though Ten's angst did sometimes get on my nerves!

What is your favorite Doctor Who story?

Oddly enough, it's one in which the Doctor features very little--"Blink," written by Steven Moffat in series three. I like the eerie atmosphere of the story and its self-contained, cinematic feel, and enjoyed Sally Sparrow as a protagonist. Plus, I'm a sucker for plots that feature wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.

Who is your favorite companion?

Simply as a character, I like Rose best, and I do enjoy the romantic relationship between her and Ten. However, I think that Donna actually fulfills the role of companion the best, since she had enough distance from the Doctor to tell him when his actions were problematic.

What was the first Doctor Who story you watched?

When I first decided to give Doctor Who a try, four full series of the reboot and several specials had aired. While starting at the beginning would have been logical, I gravitated towards series two because I was intrigued by the Ten/Rose pairing, so the first story I ever saw was The Christmas Invasion. It didn't make a lot of sense to me as a new viewer diving right in, but I continued through the entire second series anyway and watched series one afterwards.

What is your favorite series or era?

It's difficult to pick, since my favorite episodes are scattered across multiple seasons. I suppose it comes down to either series two, for the Ten/Rose relationship, or series 3, since in addition to "Blink" I really like the "Human Nature" and "Family of Blood" two-parter.

What is your favorite pre- or post-regeneration story?

I've only seen two regenerations so far--Nine into Ten and Ten into Eleven--so I don't have many to pick from! I think out of the regeneration episodes I've seen, I like "The Parting of Ways" best. It's quite epic in tone, like many of Russell T. Davies' episodes, but Nine's regeneration into Ten is very sweet.

What is your favorite villain/monster?

My favorite monsters are the Weeping Angels, although I did prefer them in their original appearance to their comeback in series five. For villains, I found the Dream Lord from "Amy's Choice" in series five very interesting.

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