14 January 2015

January Restart

In the Old House by Childe Hassam, 1914

Having the winter blues often feels like I'm running on solar power. When it's bright and sunny, I get a charge that propels me through my day, my tasks, and my goals. When clouds cover the sky for days at a time, I feel my energy drain away until it reaches a critical low. Since I can't depend upon the sun to help me recharge in winter, I've had to find other ways to boost my energy when blue skies seem a distant memory. Inspired by Wonderly's January theme of RESTART, I thought I'd share my five favorite ways to re-energize myself in winter:

1. Get cozy.

It's inevitable that I'll spend a lot of time indoors during cold weather, so I like to make my space as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Blankets help to keep away the chilly air, lanterns and candles add a bright spot to dark nights, and pictures of things I love make my surroundings a happy place.

2. Get organized.

A cluttered room can lead to a cluttered mind, so I find that it's extra-important to keep my space clear and organized in the winter when I'm stuck inside. Clearing out my closet of old clothes, sorting through my beauty products, and rearranging my craft supplies helps me to maximize my efficiency and sets me up for successful days.

3. Get creative.

Winter is a great time to complete projects that are put off during the lazy days of summer. I like to pick a long-term craft project to work on--this year it's making a quilt--and tackle room organization and decoration ideas that I've been wanting to try. I also like to spend more time baking, drawing, and writing when I can't be outside gardening and exploring.

4. Get active.

Like many, I'm naturally more active when the weather is warm and I can get outside to exercise in the fresh air. In the winter, I have to make a concerted effort to be active, so I follow a written plan of exercise to  keep me on track. The activity boosts my energy and my mood, even when I feel tired and depressed going into it.

5. Get pampered.

Cold weather and dry central heating can be hard on the skin, so I like to devote extra time and care to my beauty routine in the winter with special treatments. Using extra-fancy bath products occasionally is an indulgence that lifts my spirit, and taking time to do a home manicure and pedicure keeps me feeling my best even when my fingers and toes are tucked away in gloves and boots.

I hope that these ideas inspire fellow sufferers of the winter blues to find their own ways of recharging in January--please share any tips you might have in the comments!

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