27 December 2014

Blogmas Wrap-Up

Well, I almost completed my challenge of daily Christmas posts December 1st-24th! Even though I was very busy many days leading up to Christmas, I still managed to get a post up for every day through the day before Christmas Eve. I think that's quite respectable, especially since I only decided to attempt Blogmas on November 30th and had only half a dozen or so ideas for posts to begin with. Also, ending with 23 total posts including this one puts me at 62 posts each for 2013 and 2014, which is nicely symmetrical.

To wrap-up my Blogmas series, I thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures of my family's holiday decor:

I hope that all those who celebrate Christmas had a wonderful day, and that you have a happy new year--I'll be back in 2015 with more to share!


  1. The close-ups of Dickens Village in particular really pop! The brightness is so magical, it makes me think of The Muppet Christmas Carol: "Spirit, what is that light? It cannot be dawn."

    1. They're my favorites of the batch, and looking at them after your comment I have the Muppet Christmas Carol score playing in my head, which makes them even better! The one good thing about unseasonably sunny weather at Christmas is that makes for very nice photographs.


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