09 December 2014

Blogmas Day 9: Of Parcels and Post

My Union Flag ornament on our tree last year

For at least five years I've done my Christmas shopping almost exclusively online, as I much prefer browsing online stores by the fireplace in the comfort of my pajamas to bundling up and trudging through the bustling stores at the mall. Of course online shopping has its own drawbacks, like shipping fees, ordering deadlines, late deliveries, and poorly packed parcels, but on the whole I've had fairly good experiences with internet orders.

This year I was excited to expand beyond my usual shopping destinations of Amazon and various catalog stores to some more unusual sources. As I'm now the proud owner of an Etsy shop, I've been doing some browsing on Etsy, and taking careful note of the sellers' holiday deadlines when available. I've also been interested in ordering from shops based in the United Kingdom, but today I discovered that my card issuer has suddenly taken a dislike to orders from across the pond. I've ordered from British shops in previous years with no trouble save miscalculated delivery times, but now there's some sort of automatic hold on all overseas transactions that seem very complicated to have lifted.

Hopefully it'll all be sorted out soon, so I can make some very British Christmas orders!

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