05 December 2014

Blogmas Day 5: Little Women

For the past several years, my mother and I have started the holiday season by watching the 1994 film adaptation of Little Women on Thanksgiving weekend. The film opens at Christmas, just like the book, which makes it just right for transitioning from autumn to the festivities ahead. It's a tradition that I've grown to love, and it doesn't feel like it's time to prepare for the holidays until I've watched Little Women.

This year on Thanksgiving, my mother surprised me with a little just-because present of a beautiful edition of Little Women made for Books-a-Million. I first read the book when I began homeschooling at age eleven, and fell in love with proper Meg, feisty Jo, shy Beth, and amusing Amy. Since then I've reread the book a few times, but until now I've only owned an edition with Part 1 of the book, so it's nice to revisit whole story.

Coincidentally enough, this edition happens to coordinate very well with the paper pennant banner inspired by Little Women that I made for my Etsy shop. The shades of pink in the banner are a bit warmer than those in the book cover, but the patterns and overall color scheme are quite similar. I'm glad that my take on Little Women corresponds so well with how others envision it!

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