29 November 2014

That Sort of Shop: Grand Opening!

Since summer I've been working on something I've wanted to do for awhile now--creating an Etsy shop! As a rather prolific crafter I've naturally been drawn to the idea of Etsy since I first heard about it, but until recently I had never found just the right kind of items to make for Etsy. Starting this blog has helped me to explore new projects and ideas, and now I've developed a product line that I'm really excited about and that I think others will really like, too.

At That Sort of Shop, I'll be creating and selling bright, fun decor items that add little extra something to your space. These items are the kinds of things I like to make for myself, and are lightweight and easy to display in bedrooms, dorm rooms, or wherever you'd like. Right now there are two product types available: paper pennant banners in fresh, unusual themes and deluxe paper pennant banners inspired by classic books.

Here are two of the standard paper pennant banners, in Dance Band, a 1930's-inspired scheme, and Old Blush, a vintage romantic aesthetic:

And here are two of the deluxe book banners, in designs inspired by the stories and time periods of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Jane Austen's novels:

The standard paper pennant banners are also available in English Pleasure (equestrian), Down the Cape (coastal prep), Retrospective (retro/hipster), and Eclectic styles, and the deluxe banners are also available in styles inspired by Anne of Green Gables, Oscar Wilde, Little Women, and The Secret Garden.

I hope to expand That Sort of Shop to include other kinds of products soon, in the same kind of style as the banners you see here--check back here on the blog for updates if you like this sort of thing!


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