02 October 2014

Love 21 Floral Top Mini Haul

I've always found it difficult to dress for chillier weather while maintaining a style I feel comfortable and confident wearing. Now that autumn is here and the temperatures are dropping, I've been brainstorming ways to refresh my look for the new season while keeping the elements that I love from my summer wardrobe. One look I liked wearing last autumn is a lightweight, floaty tank top with a retro-style cardigan, and this year I wanted to go for an even more feminine and vintage style by choosing old-fashioned floral patterns for my tops. I found a bunch of gorgeous options from Forever 21's misses-sized Love 21 line, and I thought I'd show off the new additions to my wardrobe in this post!

Floral Bubble-Hem Tank (exact name unknown; no longer available)

Back in August I ordered a couple of Love 21 items on a whim, and since I was trying the line for the first time I thought I'd step outside my comfort zone with my picks. I chose this seafoam-green top with peach roses to go with a pair of dark peach wide-leg, high-waisted trousers with a bow sash--not my go-to silhouette by any means--and was unsure before trying it on how I'd like the bubble hem and slightly cropped length. Not only did the top work perfectly with the trousers, I also loved it with other pants and skirts in my wardrobe. It's so lightweight and loose that it's great for hot summer weather, but it also looks nice layered under a cropped cardigan for cooler days.

Last autumn I bought a bright coral-red cardigan that I love, but I've had a hard time finding a top that I like with it. When I spotted this multicolor floral tank, I knew I had found the right match. The orange-red color in the tank coordinates nicely with the cardigan, and the pattern, chiffon fabric, and drape-y, pintucked style help to soften the bright color. The flowers in the pattern remind me of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century botanical illustrations, which gives the piece a unique look, and the light ivory background works well for spring, summer, and autumn.

I was surprised at all the details on this delicate little top when I opened it up--in addition to pintucks and lace sections, there's row of bronze buttons running down one side. It's a subtle touch that isn't noticeable at first glance, but it adds something special to the overall look. I love the tiny scale of the floral pattern and the soft, warm color palette of peach, pink, and tan, which I think help to make the summery weight and silhouette of this top work for fall.

Overall I'm very impressed with the quality, fit, and attention to detail in the Love 21 line. Up until now I've gotten most of my clothes at Old Navy, but so far the items I've purchased from Love 21 have been much more impressive than Old Navy's for a comparable price. I'll definitely be looking at Love 21 for future clothing purchases, and I highly recommend the line to anyone looking for pretty, unique, and reasonably-priced misses' clothing.

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