09 May 2014

Save Greendale

Or rather, the end of one.

I was genuinely blindsided when NBC announced that they were cancelling Community. While the cult favorite sitcom has never had a particularly secure future, it managed to defy the odds year after year, and predictions for renewal this year were highly optimistic. It seemed all but inevitable that Community would fulfill the prophecy of its fans' rallying cry, "six seasons and a movie."

While NBC is no longer supporting the show, all isn't quite lost. Creator and executive producer Dan Harmon previously announced his intention of getting that final season and movie made without NBC's help if necessary, and there are rumblings that online streaming sites like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video are interested in picking up the show. Community fans are definitely an internet-savvy bunch--the hashtag #darkesttimeline, a reference to the show, became the number one trending topic in the United States on Twitter today--so I have no doubt that it would do well online. I just hope that people in high places believe so too, so that Community's epitaph does not become "five seasons and a lack of payoff."

Last year I shared two of my favorite Community fan videos to celebrate its fifth season renewal. I'm going to share one of them here again, as it really captures what the show is all about. Below that you'll find a video tribute to Jeff and Annie, my favorite pairing on the show and for whom there was a major breakthrough in the season five finale--the song's refrain of "I want some more" definitely sums up my feelings about Community in general and Jeff and Annie's story in particular:

"Little Talks" (Of Monsters and Men) by VeritasProductions

"Animal" (Neon Trees; cover by Secondhand Serenade) by SoulsOfLight

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