12 January 2014

First Blogging Anniversary

Illustration by Charles Robinson

One year ago on this day, I made my first post on this blog public. Other blogs tend to refer to their anniversaries as "blogaversaries," but I won't be doing that because it doesn't make etymological sense. A "blogaversary" would be a "blog turning" while an anniversary is a year turning, and this blog is turning a year old rather than a "blog" old, whatever that would mean!

To celebrate this turning point, I'll share a few statistics that will probably be of interest only to myself:

Number of posts in a year: 63, counting this one.

Average posting schedule: One post every five to six days.

Months with the most posts: March and May, which were oddly enough two of my busiest months of schoolwork--or perhaps that's not such a coincidence, given my tendency to procrastinate.

Months with the fewest posts: February and December.

Most popular posts by page views this year: DIY Paper Lantern Ceiling Fixture, Project: Regency Lace Shawl, and Ipsy November 2013 Glam Bag: Glam it Up.

Biggest traffic referrer: My Tumblr.

Most-used labels this year: Life, Lifescouts, and Experiences.

It's been interesting for me to look back over this past year of blogging, and the past year in general as I did in my 2013 in Review post. I imagine that this year of blogging will continue much the same as last year, but I'm hoping to have some new experiences to share this year. One of my reasons for starting this blog last year was to inspire me to do new things, and I'd like to make a renewed effort on that goal this year!

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