21 December 2013

Project: Festive Paper Pennants

I like to do a bit of decorating in my room for Christmas, but sometimes it's hard to find decorations that coordinate with my color scheme and still look Christmassy. The predominant colors in my room are pastel pink, peach, green, and aqua, which don't really blend well with the bright red often used in traditional Christmas decorations. So, my mother came up with a great idea to brighten up my room for the holiday season that allowed me to use my own combination of colors--a homemade paper pennant garland!

I had everything that I needed to make the garland on hand already, so this was a no-cost project for me. I picked leftover scraps of patterned paper from scrapbook sheets and wrapping paper in shades of peach and gold, and mixed it with glitter cardstock in gold and white. The glitter and the bits of gold Christmas wrapping paper add a subtle seasonal touch, while the peach ties it with my decor colors.

The pennants were super simple to make. I first experimented by drawing different sized triangles on a piece of paper to see what size I'd like--I wound up liking a three-inch base and three-inch length from base to point best. I then made a template using an old cardboard gift box lid, and traced the template on each of the papers and cardstocks I wanted to use. For the scrapbook paper and glitter cardstock I traced on the back, but for the wrapping paper I traced on the front so as to center each pennant flag on a design element.

The glitter cardstock was thick enough to stay flat on its own, but to make the paper pennants hang correctly I traced more triangles onto solid color cardstock and used gluestick to glue them together.

To link the pennants together, I punched holes in each of the corners and tied each pennant to the next using thin ribbon in a variety of colors. I used six-inch pieces of ribbon and tied them in small bows on the front side, but you could also tie the ribbon in plain knots on the back side and trim the ends short for a more tailored look.

I love how this project turned out, and I'm already thinking about different color combinations and patterns to use for different seasons and occasions. 

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