17 December 2013

Crochet Pattern: Simple Snowflakes

A couple of Christmases ago I wanted to make crocheted snowflakes to use for decorating my bedroom. I looked around the internet and found several patterns, but they were either too complicated for my liking or made eight-pointed shapes when real snowflakes have only six points. I decided to come up with my own pattern for a simple, six-pointed snowflake that can be made using beginner techniques.


- Varying weights and textures of white and off-white yarn
- Appropriate sized crochet hooks for each yarn variety
- Sequins, crystal beads, sewing needle, and sewing thread (optional)


Round 1: Chain 6. Join to form a ring. Chain 1.

Round 2: Work 12 single crochet stitches around the ring, inserting crochet hook in the center of the ring rather than in any of the stitches. Slip stitch the last and first single crochet stitches together. Chain 1.

Round 3: Chain 6. Slip stitch the chain into the second single crochet stitch over--in other words, there should be one empty stitch between where the chain begins and where you slip stitch it in. Repeat 5 times. You should have a ring with six loops of even size.

Round 4: Slip stitch up the first 3 stitches of the first chain loop. Chain 2. Slip stitch down the remaining 3 stitches of the first loop. Repeat 5 times. This gives the snowflake body and helps make the loops pointier.

Round 5: Slip stitch back up to the tip of the first point. *Chain 4. Slip stitch the chain into the next point over. Chain 5. Slip stitch back into the point to form a small loop. Repeat from * 5 times.

Finishing: Cut the yarn and pull through the final stitch, then weave the end into the back of the snowflake. If desired, stitch sequins or small crystal beads in frosty colors around the points.

Decorating Suggestions:

The snowflakes have built-in loops at each tip, so they're easy to hang or affix wherever you'd like. You can hang them on the Christmas tree as ornaments, suspend them from twigs in a container for a wintry look, or add them to a wreath. You can also use them as package decorations or pin them to sweaters or tote bags.

I've used my snowflakes in a few different ways, but this year and last year I've hung them along the pink paper lantern garland that hangs above my bed year round. It gives the garland a festive, wintry look from Christmas through Valentine's Day. The lantern garland is hung on Command Adhesive decorating clips, so I just tuck the snowflake loops on the clips in between the lanterns.

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