08 October 2013

Gilmore Girls: My Top Ten Favorite Episodes

Image from Gilmore Girls "You Jump, I Jump, Jack"

I recently finished my second watch of Gilmore Girls, one of my favorite television shows. I first started watching reruns of the show on ABC Family two years after it ended, and proceeded to watch almost every episode via a combination of DVD sets and the free online WB player. For my second watch, I was able to acquire all seven DVD sets, and thus for the first time saw all 153 episodes.

Having seen every episode of Gilmore Girls ever, I naturally began to formulate a list of favorite episodes. I challenged myself to pick just ten, including at least one from each of the seven seasons. This is the list I came up with, in order of original air date--be forewarned, my preferred couples are Rory/Logan and Lorelai/Christopher, and my favorite episodes reflect this!

Rory's Birthday Paries (1.6)

This episode, from fairly early in season one, made my list because it has some great interaction between the three "Gilmore girls" of the show: Rory, Lorelai, and Emily. It was nice to see Lorelai and Emily getting along for perhaps the first time in the series--even if the truce was only temporary.

Christopher Returns (1.15)

I've already stated that I'm a fan of Christopher and Lorelai, so I how could I leave off Christopher's first onscreen appearance? Before Christopher appeared in Stars Hollow I was mildly intrigued by the possibility of Luke and Lorelai, but I became a staunch supporter of Lorelai and Chris from this episode onward.

Red Light on the Wedding Night (2.3)

I really disliked Max as a match for Lorelai, so I rejoiced when Lorelai finally realized that her impending marriage to him was doomed before it even began. The brief appearance of Christopher, albeit via phone call, also brightened things up for me.

Road Trip to Harvard (2.4)

This was actually one of the first episodes I ever saw, and even out of context I really enjoyed it. It picks up immediately where "Red Light on the Wedding Night" leaves off, following Rory and Lorelai on an unplanned road trip. This episode also happens to contain one of my favorite Gilmore Girls references, a subtle nod to
P. G. Wodehouse's Summer Lightning.

A Tale of Poes and Fire (3.17)

It was difficult for me to pick a favorite episode from season three, since I wasn't a fan of Rory's relationship with troubled newcomer Jess. He's not featured heavily in this episode, though, which focuses on changes to come in Rory's school life and Lorelai's career.

The Lorelais' First Day at Yale (4.1)

Season four was a bit of a transitional time--Rory started Yale, Lorelai began working to open her own inn, and they didn't get to see each other as much as they were used to. This episode made it clear, though, that however much Rory and Lorelai's lives changed, their relationship would always be strong.

You Jump, I Jump, Jack (5.7)

This is one of the earliest episodes to focus on Rory and Logan's relationship, which was one of my favorite pairings on the show. I also love the elegant eccentricity of the event thrown by the Life and Death Brigade, the Yale secret society of which Logan is a member--the lanterns in the trees, fine china and crystal, and vintage music make this my kind of camping trip!

Friday Night's Alright for Fighting (6.13)

Rory and Lorelai spent half of season six in a ridiculous (and, in my opinion, highly unrealistic) estrangement. This episode takes place after said estrangement finally ends, and satisfyingly resolves a lot of the hurt feelings and general unpleasantness between Rory, Lorelai, Emily, and Richard that stemmed from that estrangement.

'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous (7.4)

Lorelai and Christopher finally had their shot in the first half of season seven, and I enjoyed every bit of it while it lasted. The special date that Christopher sets up for Lorelai in this episode--a showing of the Audrey Hepburn/Fred Astaire musical film Funny Face on the side of a barn--was absolutely adorable.

The Great Stink (7.5)

While previous episode highlighted the adorableness of Lorelai and Christopher, this one highlights the adorableness of my other favorite couple, Rory and Logan. Logan's surprise visit from London and rooftop dinner with Rory were so sweet. I also liked seeing Lorelai, Christopher, and Rory just being a family on their drive back from Friday night dinner at Richard and Emily's.

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