30 September 2013

Fall Kindle Book Haul

I recently received a $25 Amazon gift card, which came just in time for me to go on an autumnal book-buying spree. Books from Christmas and my birthday in April usually last me the winter and spring, and books borrowed from my mother and sister can usually see me through the summer, but autumn's the time when I either reread old favorites or splurge on some new books for myself. The gift card gave me the perfect excuse to do the latter!

I decided to pick up some books in the mystery/suspense genre, a favorite of mine. I stuck with authors who are standbys for me, but took advantage of having the gift card to try a couple of titles that I was on the fence about. In the end I wound up with four new books, which will hopefully see me through the next month or two:

A Conventional Corpse by Joan Hess

The Claire Malloy series is a favorite of mine, and the only contemporary mystery series that I read. I enjoy the college town setting and the bookselling occupation of the main character, and when I saw that this book centered around a mystery novel convention I knew that I would be adding it to my virtual cart.

Other Worlds by Barbara Michaels

Barbara Michaels, who also wrote as Elizabeth Peters (see below) but whose real name was Barbara Mertz, passed away last month. There are only four of her books that I haven't read, and this is one of them. It's very different in subject matter and style from her other books written as Michaels, which may have contributed to its low rating by Amazon customers. However, I snagged the Kindle edition of this book for just ninety-nine cents, so I was willing to take a gamble on it.

Naked Once More by Elizabeth Peters

The title of this novel is a little racy sounding, but the plot actually focuses on main character Jacqueline Kirby's assignment to write an authorized sequel to a popular romance novel called Naked in the Ice after the original author is declared legally dead. This is the fourth and final book featuring Peters' recurring character Jacqueline Kirby, and while the Kirby books rank below Peters' Vicky Bliss and Amelia Peabody series in my heart I did enjoy the first three installments. Besides, if I finish this and Other Worlds (see above) I'll only have two Michaels/Peters books left until I can say I've read them all!

Rumpole and the Angel of Death by John Mortimer

I recently finished watching the entire Rumpole of the Bailey television series and loved it. I've read one of the Rumpole books before, a collection of Christmas-themed stories, but this will be my first regular Rumpole story collection. The television series was written first and creator John Mortimer adapted the episodes into the first seven story collections, so to get some new stories I went with the first book published after the end of the television series. I think I'll definitely go back and read the adapted stories, though, when the episodes aren't so fresh in my mind!

These books all happen to be available on Kindle only at the moment. I find the Kindle useful for reading free Project Gutenberg editions or getting a new book immediately, but I typically use it as a supplement to rather than a replacement for physical books. I'm not sure whether I would have gotten paperback editions of these books had they been available, since they would have been the basic mass market kind. The authors of these particular books are also quite prolific, and storing the titles I already own in paperback by them is even now problematic, so getting Kindle editions does save on storage space.

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