24 July 2013


Woman with a camera, c. 1920

I first started learning how to take proper pictures only a couple of years ago. I was mainly interested in taking nice photos of my annual flower garden, some of which I've shared in posts recently transferred here from my old blog for Sparrow Tree Square. I've already started taking photos of this year's garden, but I need multiple sessions to get enough photos good enough for the blog. I'm still learning what kind of lighting works best, and how to get the camera to focus on a close-up of a blossom rather than blurring out everything in  view.

I've only experimented a tiny bit with taking photos of things other than flowers, but I'm hoping to get a little more practice as I write posts for this blog. It's nice to be able to capture a particular time and place to look back at later on, and as this blog serves as a sort of scrapbook for me I'd like to do more posts with photographs chronicling the changing months and seasons.

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