24 April 2013

Behind the Times

Other than with blogging, which I took to pretty enthusiastically, I've been a reluctant user of social media. I'm always behind the times in joining a new social media service, and I usually do so only after avoiding it for some time. For instance, I got a Facebook account in college only after some of my new classmates tried to friend another girl in my area with the same name, thinking that she was me. I only just made a personal Twitter account this year, even though I had been checking the individual Twitter profile pages of some of my favorite accounts for months. Around the same time I also made a YouTube account so I could subscribe to my favorite channels, instead of checking them individually as I had been doing for over a year.

Last night I started a Tumblr account, since I've been enjoying other people's Tumblrs (tumblogs?) recently. I don't really know what I'm doing there since much of Tumblr still confuses me, but I'm giving it a go anyway. It's vaguely related to this blog in that it's called "That Sort" and features a hodgepodge of things that I like, so if you enjoy my posts here you may want to follow me there. I've added a button in the sidebar for easy access--it's the dark blue one with the "t" in the middle.

I'm interested to see how I take to Tumblr. So far, I've found that I like Twitter better than Facebook, and although it's only been a day I think I like Tumblr better than Pinterest. I want to like Pinterest, since it's creativity-oriented and I'm a creative person, but so far I haven't really gotten much involved with it. Maybe I just need to lurk around there for awhile before trying to post myself--that seems to have worked with all of the other social sites I use!

(Lifescouts Note: I know that Lifescouts posts are primarily shared on Tumblr, but I plan to continue posting my Lifescouts posts here on the blog. I'd rather use Tumblr for sharing things that are mostly images and the blog for sharing things that are mostly words, at least for now.)

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