12 January 2013

That Sort of Post

Illustration by Charles Robinson for Once on a Time, by A. A. Milne

Hello, and welcome to "That Sort of Blog!" If you're reading this post relatively recently to the original posting date, you're most likely here because you read my education/children's literature blog, The Sparrow Tree Square Blog. That being the case, you're most likely already familiar with who I am, so I thought the best way to begin here would be to talk a bit about what you can expect from this blog.

The inspiration for this blog's title comes from A. A. Milne's introduction to his book Once on a Time. I've always loved this introduction for Milne's comments on the nature of children's books, and the complex nature of categorizing books in general. When I was looking for a title for this blog, I found that I had difficulty choosing something that would express the eclectic approach I intend to take. During this process I thought again of Milne's Once on a Time introduction, and after a little brainstorming with my family I settled on a play on the final sentence of this piece, "It is that sort of book."

Just as Milne couldn't pin down "just what sort of book" Once on a Time is, I can't precisely pin down what That Sort of Blog will be about. Calling it a "personal blog" seems to suggest that it will be mostly about me personally, but I don't think that will be the case. Instead, I intend for this blog to be about "the things which I like", to borrow another line from Mr. Milne. In my case, these things include books, television, movies, knitting, crafting, drawing, and gardening, amongst other things. I also intend to write a bit about more abstract things--ideas that interest me and thoughts that I have.

If that sounds like the type of thing you'd enjoy, check back for more posts. I can't promise a regular schedule (after all, I do have Sparrow Tree Square and schoolwork to keep up with!) but I'll probably post at least a few times a month.

It is that sort of blog.

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